Daily motivation 37 – maintain your standards

The inspiration from this post came from a piece about blogging I read earlier. The whole thing is very interesting, but the part that really sp0oke to my mind set was about neglecting your blog:

There will undoubtedly be times when you don’t feel like blogging. However, remember that you have made a commitment and you must honor that commitment. It isn’t always easy to sit there and get the words to come spilling out. Sometimes, you have to work hard at getting inspired. Never forget that you are committed to making it work.

I’m not usually the most committed blogger, I’ll admit. I’d like to think this blog is providing a service, in some way, as is A Writer’s Back Room. But I have gone through days when I don’t want to blog. Weeks and months sometimes, though I haven’t yet skipped a day since the first of January.

The best results come from hard work, perseverance and practice. I have made a commitment to blog for the full year, and I am going to do everything in my power to keep that going, providing regular, useful and well-presented content.

One thing I am debating is whether I have enough material to continue with the motivations. I’m hoping to start a 40-day lent habit which will begin next Wednesday, but I can’t decide whether that’s to replace the daily motivations for that period or if I should try and do both.

So I’m opening the question to you. If anyone is really enjoying following my posts so much they’d like me to fight to carry on until the well runs dry then give me a shout on Facebook, contact me via Twitter or comment below. If I don’t hear any feedback then, much as I know from my likes that you’re all enjoying my articles, I’ll consider fading them out for something which can be continued for longer.

Or maybe I’ll set a deadline? Stop the daily motivations at 50 or 100 and then change tack. What do people think?



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