Daily motivation 36 – be prepared

Seems like common sense, but we don’t always follow through. I’m not very good at being well prepared – I forget to charge my MP3 player before long journeys. I don’t bring books to places I know I’ll be waiting to help pass the time. I tend to not plan my meals so when I shop it’s horribly cost inefficient, and since I never decide what I’m wearing until moments before I get dressed I often look for clothes that I forget I’ve already worn.

But a little preparation can really help, whether it’s ways to save money by making plans for what to buy in advance or some research on a meeting or interview before you attend. I practice things I’d like to say to people sometimes before an important conversation, such as during a doctor’s appointment, so that I don’t forget what I need to tell them. It’s also a good way to battle nerves, because when you rehearse and prepare it makes you more confident and can help you get ready for a situation that scares you or makes you uncomfortable, like a presentation.

There are loads of little ways in life we can prepare for what’s ahead, even when we don’t know what to expect. It can help us meet the day ahead with solidarity, and a knowledge that you are ready for what you’re up against next.



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