Daily motivation 34 – trust your instincts

We all know animals are the first to sense natural disasters and shifts in their environment. Our brains are so highly developed now that our intelligence and reasoning tends to drown out our instincts. But that’s not exclusively the case

We’re still biologically built the same way. Our bodies are flesh and blood, and we do respond to our environment in many ways like an animal would. We feel intimidated when we perceive a threat, anxious when we sense danger, and often these feelings are governed by something inside of us that we just can’t explain.

I’ve been reading this article on how to know a job isn’t for you, and I think it’s a great example. Sometimes big opportunities are worth the risk, but often we need to delve a little deeper to see beneath the flash and realise they aren’t for us.

I myself have made this mistake twice. Once with a company I stayed with a week, and once when I changed my mind and called the office only to find out they’d moved without leaving a contact number or address three days before my start date. It’s easy to be seduced sometimes, but we need to be able to realise that when something feels too good to be true it probably is.

Our instincts are still pretty solid, and we need to trust them. If something feels wrong you need to figure out why, and when you do you might realise it’s safer to avoid it.




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