Daily motivation 33 – learn to take criticism

We know we are our own worst critics, but there are often flaws, mistakes and errs of judgement in our lives that we are not equipped to see. This is when we need to listen to the advice and criticism of others, because it’s often more simple to spot certain things in other people.

The problem arises when, like me, you are such a harsh critic on yourself that any extra niggles brought to your attention by others pushes you away. I find it very difficult to except advice from others on when I’m doing things wrong. I’m the first to admit that I’m naturally a bit too proud when it comes to making mistakes, and I’d rather hide them from everyone but the closest of people to me.

Still, it’s just another way in which we learn. We need to be able to absorb what others think of our behaviour patterns and how we can improve our habits to grow as people. Most growth has to come from external influences, whether it’s mistakes we discover ourselves or those pointed out by people around us. This means we need to learn to embrace the criticism.

Still, it’s not always how we choose to do things. It’s okay to gracefully accept someone’s opinion but respond that you prefer doing things a different way. Just try to be respectful as you can be and weigh up your interpretation of their advice against your own methods to decide what’s best.

Remember, it’s better to be wrong than to never try at all.



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