Daily motivation 32 – use your resources

We’re surrounded by opportunity. Adult learning centres and online courses, friends who are skilled in particular areas, libraries, access points, everything that can help you grow and improve. True many of the resources available incur a fee, but many don’t.

I’m teaching myself programming because I have found a passion for games in a development capacity. I’ve borrowed a huge book from my uncle and I read through it regularly. I’ve been shown tricks and tips by my friends who are more experienced in the subject. I’m even hoping to get to a stage where I can generate an income from this interest and perhaps make it a viable part of my future career. But I haven’t paid a penny or signed up to a class.

Another thing I’m self-teaching is Yoga. I did buy the DVD, but now I’ve found the right one for me I’m whirring through the practises. It’s not as difficult as we often make out to progress in life, and though I’m a huge advocate for qualifications and certificates I also know that some subjects find more merit in experience and examples. Thankfully programming is one of these subjects, and I’ll be proud to add it to my list of skills when I become more confident with it.

Find out what’s available in your area and find ways of making the most of it wherever possible. Even if it’s just a hobby, groups and classes are a great way to make new, like-minded friends and get out of the house, mix up your free time a little.



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