Daily motivation 31 – get uncomfortable

We know where our boundaries are. We know when we feel uncomfortable. But if we never push that comfort we don’t learn how to stretch those boundaries and experience new things.

I used to hate giving presentations, but now I love giving them. That’s because I’ve nudged myself into doing so many of them I can now enjoy the rapt attention of a room full of people and know I am in my comfort zone. I brought that into my bubble though experience, experimenting and repetition.

Another plus to feeling uncomfortable is how much it pushes you. I’m a huge softie at heart, but with every nudge and niggle I’m learning to be more assertive and to defend myself without losing my head. I recently sent a strongly-worded email which eloquently communicated my disagreement with a situation and resulted in not only a massive boost to my confidence and self esteem but to a complimentary gift as apology for the inconveniance. I wasn’t feeling too comfortable at the time. In fact I was destraught that I’d been placed in the position where such a complaint was needed. I’m glad I found the strength to stand my ground.

If we never stray from where we’re comfortable then we’re missing out on a wealth of growth and opportunity. Sometimes it pays to step out of the box.



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