Daily motivation 30 – boycott the drama

We’re obsessed with drama. We devour it from televisions. We breathe it with every incident we handle in our lives. And, when we run out of drama, we find ourselves left alone to think. That’s often the worst part, when we’ve barely had time to catch our breath before waves of swallowed angst and trauma wash over us the second we stop battling our way through.

Many of us are so afraid of this wave that we never stop battling, and when we run out of things to fight we start looking for them without realising it. I think that’s why a lot of teenagers get moody – a feisty need to assert their individuality upon the world coupled with an anxiety of what happens when, now they’re old enough to see the world differently, they’re left alone to think. I know this was the case for myself and a lot of my friends growing up, and is still how many of my younger friends (and a few of my older ones) go through life.

But isn’t it tiring, constantly chasing drama to make yourself feel alive? If we’re to ever find a true sense of happiness and fulfilment it’s not from the rushing alone, but from a balance of gentle, slow and mundane times to break up the stress.

When we make drama for ourselves we make it for other too. Next time you find yourself bubbling up, take a moment to think. How much is it about what’s upset you, and how much is it about being upset?

Strong emotions, such as anger, flood our systems with adrenaline to initiate the fight or flight response – that’s why such vivid emotions make us feel more alive, and why our body grows to crave that if we become too used to that feeling. When it’s absent we feel deflated, and often depressed.

If we can find the joy in the mundane, and learn to boycott the drama whenever we don’t need it, then our lives and the lives of those around us will become easier. Avoid other people’s drama whenever possible, and try to diffuse your own when you can. There’s enough drama in this world without us making more, and we don’t really want life to be like the films.



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