Daily motivation 25 – be an expert

We all love to be really good at something, it gives us a pleasure to know we excel. So why not do the same with knowledge?

This was a suggestion as part of Happiness Project blogger Gretchen Rubin’s post on feeling better about yourself, which she shared on LinkedIn:

There’s great satisfaction in mastery. Pick a subject that interests you, and dig in deep: the American Revolution, the works of Chekhov, wine, Homeland (my husband and I love this TV show).

We all had favourite subjects at school, and most people know which parts of a pub quiz are “my section” (in my case anything that isn’t sport) but why stop there? For me, I guess delving into programming and learning C++ kind of falls under this category, as does my Tarot studies.

I’m also fairly keen on cultural development, forever picking up worn old copies of “classic” novels such as Jane Austen books, complete works of Shakespeare, even homer’s The Illiad. I have been collecting versions of classical and instrumental music, including Greensleeves ad all my old favourites from Mozart and Beethoven. I’ve bought a dual translation book of Rilke’s 10 Elegies, and I’ve read through that a few times. I’m in no ways an expert on any of this, but it’s definitely not something I have much common ground with my friends on.

As for picking a subject to study? I used to be obsessed with James Bond films – still have all the old magazines. I also spent a while trying to bend my head around Greek mythology because it fascinates me, but with the smaller islands all modifying the stories differently it became a little too convoluted for me to get my head around. I’ll keep to C++ and Tarot for now, but if I find something to become an expert on I’ll be sure to share it.

Maybe frogs…



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