Daily motivation 24 – be spontaneous

Anybody seen the films Yes Man with Jim Carrey? No, I’m not recommending we all go out naked, get oral sex from a pensioner or be arrested for terrorism. What I am recommending is, every once in a while, decide to do something and make it happen.

I’m not the best example of this one, my boyfriend is. A year ago, before we got together, he took a trip to Sweden. He didn’t decide to go until a matter of weeks beforehand, saved up enough money, and just went. He travelled alone, stayed with friends, and had a really good time there. If it wasn’t for the curiosity of asking about his trip, he and I might never have started talking again, and never ended up falling in love.

I’m spontaneous about little things, like deciding to walk to the shops or visit a friend. But I’ve never done something so big on such little planning, and certainly never alone. I know I’m the more chatty and confident of the two of us when it comes to social settings, but I am nowhere near brave enough for such a big adventure.

Maybe I should learn to start. Bring a little freshness, fun and random excitement into your life by doing something unexpected. You never know where it might take you.



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