Daily motivation 23 – time and place for it

It’s impossible to be happy all the time. Negative emotions, or those we percieve to be negative, are a part of life. They add to the greater sense of things. Anger helps us learn to be defiant and stand up for ourselves. Jealousy helps us figure out what matters to us and where we’d like to strive to be. Sadness and pain develop our empathy for others and a greater appreciation for the good times.

But negative emotions can be detrimental. Thinking about the future, like marriage and kids. Some people don’t wish for these things, while others break their heart over it.

If there’s a regular worry that keeps cropping up, such as wanting children and not having them yet, set aside a certain amount of time to dedicate to the worry. Say, once a week for a few hours, or 20 minutes a day, whatever works for you. Devote that whole time to your worry, then at the end tell yourself that’s enough. Move on and face the rest of your day.

For some people it helps to write down your worries when there are a few, then screw up the paper and bin it. Burn it, if you have to. Release your worries into the page, and let their time pass.

Don’t let your life be ruled by your anxieties. Give them their time and place, so that you can focus on the rest of your day without them taking over.



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