Daily motivation 22 – will it matter?

Right now, it does. That conversation with a relative or friend that’s really boiled your blood. That task that wasn’t done properly and set you back for day. These things matter now, of course they do. Every day is full of things that matter now.

But think about everything that’s made you angry, sad, hurt, anxious or confused in the past 7 days. Count forward to this time next year. Will you remember?

Think back to this time last year. Can you remember what you were worked up about this exact day a year ago? If it was something important you might. But more likely than not, you wont.

We won’t be worrying about today in a year’s time, just like we’re not worrying about what made us worry a year ago. It matters now, but it’ll pass. It’s in the past already, technically. All you need it time to let it fade, and make room for the things that do matter.

Take a breath when you get upset, no matter what it’s over and how it’s affecting you, and try to weight up if it’s something you’ll remember in a few weeks? A few months? A few years time? I’m not saying it’s not worth the emotion, it probably is, but appreciate that it’s not endless. As time passes so do our problems, and they might be replaced by new ones. But let them go as they pass, and face each new one with a brave face knowing it won’t be preying on your mind forever.



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