Daily motivation 19 – your time is sacred

We know, as humans, that our time isn’t eternal. It’s a commodity that we have to spend as we see fit, and it’s important that we make the most of it.

Spend your time on what matters to you, on the important things and on what makes you happy. Fill your time with people that raise you up and understand you. Live your life the way you know is right for you, and make sure everything you do counts towards that bigger picture of a full and happy life. Even making time to do nothing but just exist and be yourself is more worthwhile than spending it pushing for someone else’s dream, or fighting for friendships that make you feel inadequate.

Never undersell yourself. Know that everything you choose to spend your time on is worth the effort. Maintaining friendships, cleaning your home, even things you don’t enjoy to build to the bigger picture of a content living environment. You time is precious, so appreciate where you spend it.



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