Daily motivation 16 – invest in yourself

If you have a project you’re really keen on seeing to the end, you invest as much time, energy, effort and money as it takes to see it through to the end. So why not do it with yourself?

Life is made up of a thousand little projects, from completing an educational course to cleaning the kitchen. You need to invest in anything to make it work, so don’t be afraid to give yourself the same courtesy. Invest money in yourself and your future. Invest time and energy to educate and train yourself for the jobs you want. Aim for every goal that you wish to achieve so, even if you can’t hit them all, you can still make progress.

One of my favourite things to remember is that it’s not about the destination. It’s about enjoying the journey, and making the most of it. And to really craft your life and yourself into what you want then you need to invest in the project of you. Because nobody else will.



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