Daily motivation 15 – don’t be afraid to screw up

Pretty self-explanatory in a way, but it goes deeper than face value. Far too often we hesitate for fear of making a mess of things. I’m not saying to ignore the gut feeling that says it’s a bad idea to do something reckless. Our intuition should be listened to and respected, after all. But sometimes we choose not to do something because we’re afriad of the outcome.

Here’s a quote from A Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff… yes, I really will draw this stuff from anywhere:

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

Several big truths that are universal, and might help you figure out if you want to take the plunge into something that scares you.

The world is the way it is today because our ancestors shaped it – and sometimes, that meant going against the flow of life and challenging the people in charge. They might not have been “right” to do so, but they believed in their cause, and that changed our future.

If we hadn’t touched the fire as a child we wouldn’t know what “hot” meant. Sometimes you need to understand the bad to appreciate good, and that can mean testing the water on both sides before you make a choice.

Finally, we need to make mistakes to really learn and progress in life. Our achievements raise us, lifting our expectations of ourselves and the respect of our peers. But it’s our mistakes that really make us who we are. We can’t grow and learn fully if we don’t screw up. So don’t be afraid of making a mess. If you’ve hurt someone, apologise and hope they have the grace to forgive you. Analyse where you went on, and try to be aware of how to do things differently next time. Life is often just trial and error. But you can’t try without making those errors.

So stop being afraid of making mistakes. It’s only going to hold you back.



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