Daily motivation 14 – don’t put yourself down

I’m not going to look for a back-up quote from the internet for this one. It speaks for itself.

We’re always putting ourselves down – “I’m not good enough, I messed up, I’m a failure,” and so on. But would you say that to your friends? If someone close to you screwed up, you’d give them encouragement and help them pick it back up. So why not do that to yourself?

I’ve been doing a daily Yoga practice, and today I screwed it up. I tried a different routine to the one I’d been doing, failed miserably keeping up with the instructor and, halfway through, I just lay down in Corpse Pose and listened to her words. I let myself relax, breathe and calm my mind. I know daily exercise isn’t something I’m used to – I can’t run before I can walk. So it’s okay that it didn’t work out so well. I know where I went wrong, and next time I do that routine I may surpass that hurdle and be proud of doing so.

I’m not ripping myself up over it. I tried, that’s all I care about. Every Yoga practice I get changed, lay out my mat, and work through a routine on the DVD. It feels unlike any other form of exercise – I don’t get dehydrated, I don’t feel out of breath, and yet the heat within my body from the effort and attention it takes to hold a pose really does work the muscles.

So I’m accepting Yoga was shorter, but I still tried. I’m going to do some cleaning and dishes, maybe some dancing with my Kinect later to work out the tension, and then I’m going to reward myself by curling up and doing something quiet. I know I’ve given it my all, and nobody can ask for more from you. Not even yourself.



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