Daily motivation 12 – without a destination

This is one I’ve come across a few times, and it’s a concept I’d love to try one day:

Take a walk without a destination, clear your mind and enjoy the fresh air. Your purpose isn’t to get from A to B, it’s just to spend a bit of time outside. Get some exercise and take in the sounds, sights and smells around you.

I can imagine how invigorating this would be when done every so often. Right now I’m not in the best location (or, as it’s still January, the best weather) to do this regularly, but there are occasions where I’ve left my flat for the sole purpose of taking a walk. In my case it’s usually to gain perspective or space on something troubling me, but I hope to turn this coping strategy into a positive activity when the weather lets up and once I’ve relocated somewhere more peaceful.



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