Doing it every day

Well, it’s been more than 10 days of my motivational blogging posts – and I must admit, the “do it every day” technique has made the most impact on my life. So I’m sharing this with you – here’s my daily actions and how I’ve been feeling with them:

Blogging every day has become so much easier than I imagined it would. When I used to blog regularly I’d set myself challenges that would take over an hour to complete. Because I’m always searching for new motivational techniques online the research for these posts doesn’t feel like a chore in any way, and if I ever am pressed for time or not feeling up to scrolling through I already have a wide selection of bookmarks I can draw from. It’s making me feel productive, and knowing I’m keeping up is an incredible confidence booster.

My beauty routine (for want of a better way to describe it) has improved dramatically. I look forward to brushing my teeth twice a day, and to using my facial scrub, toner and moisturiser in the mornings. I have been keeping up with all my creams, ointments and other chores more routinely and with renewed dedication too – my nails are cleaner, more tidy-looking and healthier. My skin is looking fresher and feeling more comfortable. I’m just enjoying paying care and respect to myself physically.

The sleeping pattern, admittedly, is one thing that’s been going down the toilet. But when I can’t sleep I use the time productively, recording my dreams for new ideas and reading over my notes. I’m already awake – there’s no point being bored!

Reading my work books every night has also been rewarding and invigorating. I’ve recounted all the concepts I’ve learned to my friends, and am striving towards the goal of having covered the entire book by the end of April, ready for revising and application.

I’ve incorporated a new music routine, using my time to organise my tracks, find any I’m missing, and construct playlists to accompany all my tasks. My favourite in-progress list is my morning playlist – the first song I hear when I turn on in the morning is Hoku’s Perfect Day, which is the opening to Legally Blonde (one of my favourite films for feeling productive).

A new inclusion, partly thanks to inspiration from a fellow blogger, is trying to do Yoga every day. This will hopefully aid my spiritual blog when I can add to it, as my studies and routine haven’t left as much time as I’d like of late to dedicate to it. I did a practice earlier today when I was feeling very unsure of myself, quite tearful, too unwell to go to a friend’s birthday party and generally not myself – I still feel very under the weather physically, but it definitely helped calm my mind.

I think that’s everything -I do have a few things I’d like to add to that, such as reading fiction books more often, doing things that challenge my mind more (*coughcoughProfessorLaytoncoughcough*) and maybe recording my weight watchers points again – not because I’m desperate to shed the pounds, I just enjoyed the awareness I gained from keeping track of what I was eating and drinking every day.

Whereas before I may have seen most of this as a chore, now I enjoy these tasks. I celebrate doing them. I make time for them and, when I miss them or forget them, I find it nags at me until I sort them out. Doing something daily really does ease the pressure of “should I do it now or leave it till tomorrow?” which, I must admit, is one of my biggest flaws. I’m such a “tomorrow” person – doing it every day helps me be more disciplined and more focused. I’m definitely an advocate of the change it’s had on me and my lifestyle.


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