Daily motivation 11 – keep your mind open

This one’s a quote from female rights defender, politician, lawyer and actor Dudley Field Malone:

“I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me.”

I’d like to briefly expand this idea. Debates can be helpful and they can be detrimental, but if you enter into them with an open mind there’s more of a chance you’ll learn from the experience.

This doesn’t mean allowing your beliefs to be changed like water from a jug – just learn to see things from other perspectives. Imagine you thought that adding two and two makes five, and every person you ever presented this idea to agreed with you. How would you ever figure out the truth?

It’s not often as simple as that, but respect for other opinions makes for a much wider grasp of the world around you. It never hurts to shift your perspective, and it makes you an easier person to relate to.



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