Daily motivation 10 – effort when it matters

Not quite as straight-forward as the title suggests. When I was in university I had a stylish, sophisticated female friend who I was always enthralled by. When she walked into the lecture hall everybody noticed, and not because she was a spectacle. She was well-kept, elegant and sunning.

One day I asked her how she did it, and she told me two very important things that I’ve never forgotten, and I’m going to share them with you today:

I don’t walk into a room expecting anyone to notice, I just walk in not caring what anyone thinks about me. Not in an arrogant way, but if there are people who don’t like me or judge me I just let it go over my head. I walk in with confidence. And it doesn’t matter how stressed I am – late night doing work, personal issues, whatever. I make an effort, every single day. Even if it’s one lecture, I’ll still dress up in my best tops and shoes, do my hair, apply some subtle eye make up. I make the effort because I want to be there – it shows how important that thing is. And i guess people must pick up on that.

I certainly did, and I never stopped thinking about her advice. She has always been someone who I hold the utmost respect for, and I follow her advice whenever I can. Anything important, meeting friends or going out, I’ll try and at least apply a little mascara. Even if nobody notices, it’s about that image in your head.

Your actions are important – and so is your appearance. Dress to impress every single day, even when you don’t feel like it. You’ll lift your own spirits, highlight what your doing as deserving the attention you’ve invested, and there’s nothing to stop you walking into that room one day and being the one everyone notices. Not because you stand out – if anything, because you never do. People don’t see you and think you’re a mess, or you look tacky. Even if people don’t turn when you walk in, it’s better to slip by quietly but well-presented than make a spectacle of yourself for attention. Maybe there’s someone admiring you the way I admired her.

One thing’s for sure – it’s not something I’ve ever forgotten. When you meet someone with that level of natural grace and they feel fit to call you a friend, it raises you too. So why not strive to raise yourself? It helps your confidence and self-esteem, and makes you more focused when you highlight what’s important. It doesn’t even need to be visible – you wear your lucky socks when you’ve got an exam, or your sexiest underwear when you’re on a date. Even if nobody sees these garments or recognizes their significance it makes you feel more confident at the time. So why not make that a constant?



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