Daily motivation 9 – count your blessings

I’m going to direct you to another Levo League article with an anecdote to illustrate the helpfulness of being grateful:

Giving thanks should certainly not be limited to the tradition of sharing around a Thanksgiving table. For me, support and opportunities overwhelm my every day.

It’s a much nicer way of looking at life. Today, for example, I’m thankful for being awake at a comfortably early time when I’m desperately fighting to settle my sleeping pattern. I’m thankful for lots of alone time to settle myself, as well as a clean and tidy space to work in. I’m grateful for the bursts of inspiration I had to fuel my work, despite the unsavory hour (there’s a reason I’m not sleeping till 4am most nights – here’s hoping that changes!)

I’m even thankful for the lovely dream I had this morning about having a pet baby meerkat and sharing lots of cuddles with it. I know that can’t happen in real life, but when we were children we really did used to believe in anything. It’s nice to forget sometimes that we’re grown up and enjoy that youthful trust in fantasy.

I’m always thankful for the big things – family, friends, health, happiness. But it’s the little details that make life complete, so maybe it’s time to take notice of them. It certainly helps count every day as a good one if you learn to see the small ways in which that’s true.



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