Daily motivation 6 – tackling stairs differently

This one’s from a radio programme I overheard on what I believe was Radio Lancashire the other day. They were discussing heart health. I’m not quoting this word-for-word, but this is what I recollect from the programme:

We feel frustrated when we forget something and have to walk back down or up the stairs to retrieve it, but we need to change this into a positive action. What’s important is keeping moving, not keeping records.

That’s potentially the shortest version of the sentiment ever, but it stuck with me. I can’t apply this to stairs per say – I live on the third floor of a block of flats, and I just don’t have the steam for so many stairs so often. But I’m aiming to start carrying things in smaller loads between rooms, encouraging myself to cover more distance in a day.

It’s all about positive thinking, I suppose… It usually is.



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