Daily motivation 4 – prioritise your resolutions

This one’s from Amanda Abella’s site, which I subscribe to for regular updates and interesting reads. Her article on New Year’s Resolutions inspired me and, although I’m doing bite-sized 3-month sprints instead of year-long marathons of priorities it’s still a good message.

I try to keep it to no more than three resolutions a year. I also make sure to categorize them. So for instance 2011 was dedicated to finances & career and 2012 was dedicated to health & wellness – two departments where I knew I had to get it together. In 2013 I’ll hopefully just be able to add on to lifestyle changes I’ve already been working on for some time.

I’m focusing mostly on my basic ground rules for my first three months, and I did start early just like she recommended. Here’s a rundown of that “goals board” from yesterday’s post and which ones I’ve chosen.

1 – Sleeping Pattern

The one thing I haven’t worked very hard on. I’m doing this one slowly, and in later posts I’ll examine sleep more closely.

2 – Morning Routine

Kind of an emcompassing one. Waking with my “today’s going to be a good day” mantra, considering adding daily Yoga practise (or, if making that an “every day” thing is too much too soon, I’ll follow Amanda’s advice later in the same article I’ve linked above – take baby steps, once a week maybe, and work my way up to more). I make my bed because I believe leaving it tidy is the right way to start a day – something I’ve been raised to do. I make sure to brush my teeth and hair, wash my face and hands, use anti persperant and get dressed with care, and read the motivational notes and quotes on my mirror in the bathroom. I’m also hoping to make time for breakfast too. A solid, repetative morning routine will help me feel more in control and ready to face the day ahead… especially if I learn to get up early enough to enjoy it.

3 – Beauty Routine

This is another eoncompassing goal, which basically comes down to pampering. Lotions, creams, scrubs, and taking all around care of myself. I’ve even started painting my nails regularly now I have a decent top-and-bottom-coat clear nail polish that doesn’t chip so easily (or I did before I accidentally left it in Durham…)

4 – Less is More

The earliest of starts to my lifestyle project. I have too many things, and have been diligently working towards downsizing. So far it’s going well – I’m hoping to be rid of everything I can stand to part with by my birthday in June. That’s my proposed moving goal, and minimising my possessions will make moving easier, make my space more organised, and help me earn savings for the move itself.

All good things really! I’ll update you at the beginning of April as to what my updated goal plan will be.



2 responses to “Daily motivation 4 – prioritise your resolutions

    • Aww thanks, coming from you that means a lot. I’ve really gained a inspiration from your articles, and that’s part of what’s helped me become confident enough to train in a new career path. I’m a huge fan =) x

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