More sleepless compulsive

It”s half 4 and I’m STILL awake… so, rather than harassing people on facebook I’ve been sifting through my WordPress Reader trying to pick out which blogs to keep on/add to my links lists and which to take off. If you do notice yours is gone please don’t be offended – it’ll be inactivity more than likely.

Similarly if you’d like your blog to be on my list just ask. If I like it then in my own small way I’ll promote it.

I am planning on using this weekend to tidy up my blogs. This one will be revamped – maybe buttons will be added for better connectivity. Perhaps I’ll give each link on my list a description so it shows what I like about it, and why you should all take a look.

Then I’ll look at my spiritual journal and add a few more Tarot entries, maybe work on some of the other sections. And finally it’s my professional blog’s turn to get some attention, and a few more articles worked out.

I am so awake it’s insane! How will I ever get up tomorrow?



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