Daily motivation 3 – habits to lifestyle

I got this one from a dieting book I happened to pick up during my Christmas shopping, and I’ve adopted the concept so fiercely I have a postet note on my fridge to remind me every morning:

Do something for 6 weeks and it becomes a habit, but do it for 3 months and it becomes a way of life.

I’ve decided not to take with resolutions this year, at least not in a sense of entirety. Instead I’m going to take three months at a time, and turn those good habits into a better lifestyle.

I’ve even got a home-made board to remind myself of my goals:

My "Habit to Lifestyle" postet-board.

My “Habit to Lifestyle” postet-board.

I’ve stuck it up in my bedroom and covered the 4 boxes with this quarter’s goals written on postet-notes. Through January to the end of March those 4 postets are my focuses – one of them is sleeping pattern. I’m going to work on an “early rise, early to bed” habit that I hope has stuck by the start of April. If it hasn’t I’ll keep that goal on the board up through June, and if it’s set I can replace it with something new.

So there you have it – turn those good habits to a good lifestyle and break down those resolutions into bitesize chunks. It’s easier to swallow, I promise you.

Big thanks to this blog for the idea of a postet-note goals board. I modified the design to fit my purpose, but without this post I never would have come up with the idea.



2 responses to “Daily motivation 3 – habits to lifestyle

  1. I am doing something very similar, taking it one month at a time. My plan is to take 12 habits. Start one each month. Pile habit upon habit. My hope is to do just that, turn these things into a way of life. Much better than ticking off a box!

    • Yea, that’s very true. Too much too quickly isn’t always the way to go. It’s good to pace yourself – and, by December and resolution 12, you won’t even remember how not to keep up with resolution 1, instead of having maybe 4 things you fight to do for a few weeks then get overwhelmed by. Good luck!

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