Christmas Eve at home

An unusual experience for me – I’ve never been alone Christmas Eve before. But my wrapping’s done, I’ve had my dinner and I’m relaxing on the sofa with some music on. And after this post I’m going to curl up under a quilt with some chocolates, Irn Bru and girly films, paint my nails, play some Professor Layton and the Curious Village, and get an early night.


My gift-wrapped presents – complete with green santa-penguin paper!

I think this coming year is going to be one to look forward to. I’ve been working diligently on the path of sophistication, and so far I’m excited about the results. I’ve got a comprehensive CV, up-to-date online profiles and several professional opportunities on the go. I even count my work as an ambassador on the Xbox forums as professional improvement, providing a voluntary service.

Then there’s my health. I might not be feeling tip-top right now, but winter does that sometimes. I’ve got a diary for points counting, a few recipe books, even a holisic-approach dieting book with acupressure techniques and moticational exercises to get me thinking properly about my body. Then there’s the exercise band I mentioned in my previous post and several exercise and dancing games on the Kinect for me to play with.

Personally, I’m feeling good. I have a wonderful family, some who’ve raised me and some who I’m getting to know more and more all the time. My boyfriend’s family have embraced me warmly too, and I’m looking forward to seeing them all in a few days. My partner himself has been wonderful, spoiling me rotten and making me feel like a princess from a fairytale. Not because he’s loaded and buys expensive gifts – I’d kill him if he tried. But he understands me, values my opinions, supports my emotions and tries his very best to be there for me in every way possible. I have a special gift for him this year which has some important emotional connections for me, and is the single most important thing I can give him at this stage of our relationship. I don’t hope he appreciates the significance, because I already know he will.

And, in case any of his family ARE reading this… don’t worry, it’s not a baby!

Then there are my friends, some new and some old. Some who have surprised me for the better and others for the worst. But a few of my friends have been very, very special to me this year, and have really helped me get through the roughest parts. To them, I give my dearest wishes for the season, and am even more excited about the many more memories ahead I get to forge with them.

It’s been a hard year, and I’m not sorry to see the back of 2012. I just aim to press forward with a fantastic Christmas Day amongst my family, and a wonderful Hogmanay full of people that make me smile.

Tonight I’m alone. But I’m never lonely. Not when I know how much love is sent my way by so many wonderful, special people.

Merry Christmas blog fans!

Best wishes,

Kirsty x


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