The back room trademark…

So I’ve been doing some thinking today.

I’m working quite hard at the moment to compartmentalise my life, interests, projects and accounts. I’ve been changing all my usernames for almost a year now, and I’m still not there yet. But it runs deeper than that, and I’ve been turning over a conflict in my mind for a while that I feel I’ve finally reached some closure on.

Basically, I’m a writer. I can sub-edit, I can advise on writing, I can proofread, I can blog and scribe. I can do many things. But I AM a writer. I’ve been a writer since before I knew how to write, creating elaborate stories and staging them with my toys to play out the images in my head because it just felt wrong not to. It’s like an obsession.

Stephanie Meyer reported that she sometimes couldn’t sleep for hearing Bella and Edward hold conversations in her head. I know how she feels. My stories are too real to be forgotten, and too important to be ignored.

But this isn’t a post about my writing. It’s a post about my trademark. I know our name is our brand, and in some ways I’m happy to spin that. But in other ways I’m not.

My Twitter is my name, and promotes myself. Same with my LinkedIn, which makes sense. But what about Facebook?

Of course, my profile is in my name. But that’s private, not public. I’ve read suggestions in articles of having a page for my shared things, so I’m searchable, but I’d never make a page with my own name as a title! Can you imagine how self-obsessed that would look?

I’ve figured out a solution. For things where it’s acceptable I’ll happily be my own trademark. But when my name would make me look arrogant or just wouldn’t fit, I’m going to use my professional blog title.

So, in the near future, a page will be appearing on Facebook with connections to A Writer’s Back Room. It’ll have links to my other two blogs, as well as links to other projects I’m working on. But it’s going to become a little more of my brand for those occasions when it works.

I love organising my life. I completed almost all my Christmas shopping today, and bought a new pair of size 14 jeans that fit me perfectly. I weighed myself too – I’m borderline 12 stone for the first time in a few years, and I haven’t even been trying.

I’m glad the world didn’t end yesterday, because today’s been great!



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