Ambassador in training

I see WordPress has changed again… I’m officially confused!

Although that isn’t my blog topic. I’m here today to talk about the Ambassy.

For those of you unfamiliar with… well, anything I’m talking about, I shall elaborate. I am an avid girl gamer, have been on Xbox Live for several years, and a while ago I applied to be an Xbox Live Ambassador.

As usual, it’s taken me a bit too long (*cough almost 200 days cough*) to figure out what this new fangled responsibility entails. And what enticed me to figure it out?

A wooly jumper. For my avatar. If I earn enough XP.

I’m actually that sad.

But hey, it keeps me entertained, and it’s actually been a lot of fun. I’ve failed to find the correct email address to use, but in trying to do so I’ve combined my Hotmail and Skype accounts! That was productive.

Then I spent a while on the forum directing people who were upset about their Halo 4 Specialisation Code to the sticky post on the subject.

And finally, I’ve had three conversations on Ambassabank, a service which has probably replaced the msn version and woould explain why I was struggling to update the address.

Ambassabank, from my side at least, is a constantly refreshing page of questions giving me the option to begin a chat with someone who I feel I would be able to help. The first conversation did go a bit off, but my advice was solid – I just got nervous and presented myself as not confident enough. The second two went perfectly, and ended with praise for my help. I’ve stopped for the evening, as it’s getting late and I’m not going to be as much help, but I’ve enjoyed the experience. Feels like working in a way, and it means I can add online advisor to my CV if I keep it up long enough.

I enjoy helping people, and it feels good to have such productive things going on. I’ve even got a list of checkables for every day now. I think once I get more confident and refine my professional mannor through the Xbox Live Ambassador programme and on my videos I should be able to start adding to the LinkedIn forums as a new goal. I’m a member of a few groups, and so far I’ve only monitored. I’d rather pick the ones I feel most comfortable in and keep the groups fairly concise than subscribe to many and have my inbox flooded daily as it is right now.

But there’s no rush, and with Christmas around the corner I’ve much more pressing things to worry about.

If you have an Xbox Live device, which can be phones as well as a 360 nowadays, feel free to pop along to our Ambassador pages, ask for help, or apply to be one yourself.

Also WordPress says this is my 40th post! Cool!



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