Gamer, she wrote

I know, it’s actually been a few days since I’ve posted… go figure.

So I’m a bit of a social media junkie and, after a degree in the productive uses of the internet has pinned connectivity to my brain like an antenna, I’m just as keen to promote other people’s achievements as I am my own. To this end I’m writing a post to inform my fans and readers of a project a few of my friends are working on.

I’ve mentioned that I’m interested in games development and am teaching myself a few programming languages in my spare time. What I haven’t mentioned is how some of my friends are far more clued up than I am, and a couple of them have been making videos of themselves playing games with voice over, under the YouTube profile Gamer, She Wrote.

Now, I obviously will be entertained because they are my friends, but I still wouldn’t recommend something I didn’ think was actually pretty good, and the videos on Gamer, She Wrote have had me in stitches a few times.

Here’s three of my favourites so far:

Because everybody loves a bit of Worms, Reloaded or otherwise.

Because I also use Minecraft with the Tekkit mod, and very proud of my small amount of progress on it.


Purely because, even though this isn’t the first video uploaded by Gamer, She Wrote on Killing Floor, this is the first video of theirs I watched, and it made me laugh by far the most! Find the first Killing Fields video here and the first part of the next map (which this video is from) here.

I hope you enjoy the content as much as I did – makes me miss my own v-logging. Maybe I’ll consider starting again now my internet’s a little better.

If you do like their videos you can also follow their Facebook page or their Twitter feed.

Much love!



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