A video blog

Okay, so after watching my friends’ videos on their YouTube channel I remembered how much I used to enjoy making video diaries, and so with today being an iconic 12th December 2012, I figured why not start doing them again? It’s been about two years since my last one, and I refuse to watch them beck from shear embarrassment, but here’s hoping we can startmaking them a routine.

After all, I love public speaking and giving presentations. I miss doing that, and maybe making videos will help me get better at it.

Here’s my video:

And, as promised IN the video, here’s a picture of my (very small) Christmas tree, complete with a star on the top.

Christmas Tree

Thanks again to the guys over at Gamer, She Wrote for reminding me how much fun this was.



2 responses to “A video blog

    • Why thank you! I’ve never been told I’ve had a natural camera presence before, but I have only become more comfortable speaking and presenting publicly over the past two years, so I guess there’s been an improvement from my old videos. I shall continue to make these as requested =)

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