Pin friendly and scooped

I know, I blogged literally 10 minutes ago… but these two points needed saying (before I forget) and needed more than adding to the previous blog as an edit at the bottom.

I know, I’m addicted to social media. And blogging. And working at 2am. Nobody’s perfect.

But back to my point. Pinterest has got me thinking (to know what Pinterest is and why we suddenly care, read my last post).

I used Snapito! for my screenshots after a frustrating period of time when Pinterest wouldn’t give my blog homepages any associated images (except A Writer’s Back Room, which DOES have a semi-decent featured image linked to one of the earlier articles, but even that didn’t format well).

I did consider figuring out how to make my blogs Pinterest-friendly, but Snapito! seemed to rectify my problems. I probably would have left it there if it wasn’t for this article I found.

I wont summarise – all I will say is it made me feel inclined to work on making my blogs more interactive. I don’t want to go overboard, and on this blog I don’t really mind much about the traffic. On my spiritual journal I mind even less. But for A Writer’s Back Room, once I get into the swing of working on it withough back pains putting me off, connectivity and user-friendliness are crucial!

If that blog was a programme it would be in a beta testing stage. The basic framework articles aren’t all in place, and reading the few things I do have up there feels like finding a chapter introduction without a chapter or, come to think of it, the rest of the text book. But once I’ve gotten the ball rolling traffic will be more important, so I am going to look into it.

And, as for the scooped part… I’ve no idea what Scoop It is, but my article on personal branding got scooped. I suppose it’s like making your own magazine on a topic. I haven’t written any of these musings with the intent to advise particularly, but it’s nice to know my productivity obsession is being noticed by the wider population of the internet.

It’s now almost half 2 in the morning, and I really DO need sleep this time.

Until my next sleepless musing,



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