Curriculum Vitae

How many days in a row have I blogged for now? I’m going for a record, clearly…

Today, after reading all those articles on Levo and obsessing over LinkedIn I decided to update my CV. Initially I was appauled to discover I’ve been spelling “vitae” wrong all these years… but once I’d gotten into the swing of writing I really enjoyed myself.

I am now 24, and have enough life experiences to be picky about what I cover in my job applications. I’m probably going to have to re-edit my CV and tailor it for specific companies and role types. Although the idea has occurred to me that I could enlarge my CV to OVER the 2-page limit purposefully, and then just sub-edit the result down every time it’s needed.

In fact, I’m going to do this!

But not now, it’s already 2am! It was gone 4am last night by the time I’d stopped writing stupid notes for myself about rewriting my CV when they occured to me. I’m going to go take a drowsyness aid and get a full, well-rested night. I’m going to sleep in until I feel comfortably refreshed, and then I’m going to add to my CV until everything I’m ever going to need is on one document.

This way I won’t lose track of start and end dates, I’ll have carefully crafted descriptions of each experience to chop and change as desired, and the process of narrowing down for every application will be much like sub-editing!

Which I love doing!

One last, very crucial lesson I learned about CV writing that needs sharing… SAVE IT AS A PDF!!!

This way a poorly-encoded word document wont ruin your carefully perfected layout.

Golden tips of wisdom from the goddesses of Levo League – one of my new favourite go-to websites.



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