When I grow up…

That phrase always conjours the same question to mind. What do I want to be when I grow up?

It’s that simple when you’re younger. I want to be… a fireman, a policeman, a doctor, a teacher. I want to be a grown up! But as you get older you realise it becomes less a case of what you are. That never changes, after all. You’re always you, whether you’re an infant, a pensioner or somewhere in between. The big question becomes, if anything, much more frightening… what do you want to DO with you life?

I was daunted by this as a teenager, going through high school, college and even university, making all those choices about my future and the options I wanted to leave myself. I still don’t have the answers now. I guess my problem comes from, as my new blog name points out, being a little bit TOO eclectic. How do you decide?

I’m not going to sit on my laurels (painful as they are with sciatica – I can’t stand to sit down for more than a few minutes at a time and yet I can’t stop working either!). What I plan to do is research. I want to make a list of all my options, and tackle them.

I read a great article on the Levo League website earlier about nurturing your brand into something productive for your career. I especially love the metaphor of you being a tree and your reputation being the shadow cast by it. I’ve never really struggled at interviews, although if it’s a job I’m keen to land I can get a little nervous. I know I’m having to nurture my sciatica right now, and I know that might mean being picky when it comes to job applications in the future. When I’m lliable to hospitalising myself through overworking, which I’ve done a few times now, I need to take the hint and be more aware of my boundaries.

But I know, because of my skills and motivation, that I would be an absolute asset to the right career. And I do have plenty of ideas bubbling away of what that career might be. I just need to use this time effectively and do some soul searching. Figure out all my options and strive for everything that interests me. You don’t know if it makes you happy till you try it, and I want to enjoy my job like every other part of life. I want to participate in something bigger and more spectacular than me. I want to, as Ghandi put it, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

I’m a small-town girl from the north west of England. And when I grow up, I want to change the world. It might not be in a big way. You probably won’t even notice it, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing with your life. But I’m going to use whatever I can find in this world to make my small corner of it just a little bit brighter.

Wish me luck,




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