Back to reality

Trust me, this is in a very good way. A break is nice, refreshing and resting when you’ve been at it non stop for so long, but once that break is over it’s time to get stuck back in. And, thankfully, my time in Durham has left me feeling inspired.

I’m going to do some work on my blog and rejuvenate it a little bit. When I was working on my old blog I found a way to write about what I saw as all my interests – games, films, books. But it wasn’t all inclusive. Yes, I love to curl up and get lost in a good book, I have so many boxsets of shows I’m always spoilt for choice, I can listen to music for an eternity and I treasure my game time, especially when it becomes a social enterprise.  But what about my other hobbies?

I’m a very faith oriented person. I pray, read the bible, and am hoping to go to a local church. Where’s God in my blog? And, though this may seem contradictory (and many people have said so) I am passionate about Tarot. Not so to speak “fortune telling”, although I have done people’s readings in the past. I see my beautiful dragon deck as a friend I can communicate with and through. I use the cards for meditation, inspiration, even representation in my novel writing? And what about my poi? The wonderful juggling dance I used to practice with a keen heart. And my yoga? Something I found spoke to me both physically and spiritually? Where is all this in my blog?

I will pay some time and attention on A Writer’s Back Room, but I need to focus on me first. Some self-guru time, get my life into a different place and share my journey on here.

So if you start seeing new titles, topics and headers on here don’t fret. I’m looking to make this blog mine in a way I’ve never done before. Starting, once again, with a new name. One that represents me. I’m keeping the URL, of course – I’m never going to stop being an Irn Bru junkie, lets be honest (I have two bottles of it sitting on my sofa right now) but I think it’s time to find the bigger picture.

With love and a new found sense of hope,



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