A world away from my world

I know that’s a hell of an ambiguous title for a blog post, but nothing else does it justice. I’m staying with my boyfriend for a week and a half because it’s his birthday tomorrow. He lives two and a half hours drive away from me, and though this makes our relationship hard neither of us is tempted to give up.

But this blog isn’t about us. It’s about this place, a different part of the same country I’ve grown up in, somewhere I grow more fond of every time I’m here. I still remember my first visit, how quiet and relaxed it all seemed. I know every location has it’s problems, and I’m not saying I don’t see them here. I know some of the difficulties I stand to face if I was to move here to be closer to Adam. But, in a time when things have been foggy and confusing, this place is clear, grounding and soothing. I feel better here, calmer and more at home.

I have so much to do back in my universe at home, so much further away in so many ways than two and a half hours drive in a car can ever hope to make sense of. But one day, when we’re ready, I hope to make this quiet part of the UK a much more central point in my world. I want to breathe the air, live the atmosphere, and love the people. I want to learn what it is about this wonderful place that crafted such an inspiring man into existence and delivered him directly into the heart of my life.

I know everything takes time, and I’m being patient. I can see my future, and what it promises. I see the choices, and the paths. And, for the first time in years, perhaps for ever, I have complete faith in that future. Because we’re going to build it.



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