Birthday mania and cosy nights in

Not mine, of course – I don’t turn 25 until next year. But it’s my boyfriend’s birthday in just under a week, and I’m really excited because I’m going to stay with him for a while.

As for the “cosy nights in” part, I’m not referring to snuggly evenings with my partner. I mean tonight, a very nice evening I am spending in my own company. I’ve had a lovely home-made spaghetti bolognese, some jaffa cakes and pringles. I’ve played some games on my laptop and watched “The Holiday”, one of my favourite feel-good films. I’m now listening to some fun songs, like “Hey Soul Sister” by Train and debating curling up in bed for an early night – I know it’s only 9pm, but I’m really sleepy! I blame the beautiful scented candles…

I’ve had a few good days with friends this week, and I’m going to visit another friend tomorrow before my boyfriend picks me up, so I’m in a relatively great mood. I needed tonight really because I’ve been a bit under the weather recently and, even if it’s not going to last long, it’s nice to feel more like myself for a little bit.

Rest assured, when everything simmers down I’ll be up blogging every five minutes and you’ll relish the quiet of now. But for the time being there are more important things to focus on than communication with the world at large, and I’m trying to work on those parts first.
Hope you’re all having a wonderful, beautiful Autumn season!


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