Programmer in the making!

So I’ve gone pretty quiet of late, I know. Personal difficulties, we’ve all been there, so I’m not going to bore you with the details. Instead I’ll fill you in with some details of what I will be up to very shortly.

Firstly, I haven’t given up on A Writer’s Back Room – it’s my baby, after all, and I’m going to promote the juices out of it when I’m feeling better. But life is long, time isn’t always short and sometimes there are better, more important things to prioritise. So while I keep WBR ticking over, I’m going to focus on some social projects.

Put bluntly, I’m a writer. But not just of stories. I’m keenly into computers, and have been learning some basic programming. I shan’t be giving away details of my endevours, but I’m hoping to collaborate with some close friends and my partner to create some games. Of course, these probably shouln’t be too big for starters – and as a group we’re keeping all the details close to our chests. But working WITH people instead of keeping vigileance in my lonely back room is exactly what I need right now.

So I’m sorry blog fans if you were keen to see a more vicious prescence on WBR. It will come, when I’m ready for it. Just be patient with me.
Thanks guys, and happy halloween!




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