Je ne parle pas français

Well, I can’t speak it particularly fluently, in any case, but I’d like to have another go at learning. I’ve never been good at languages, they were always a struggle for me, but the concept of ignorance that indicates to the rest of the world annoys me.

I live in Britain, and I have a fair few friends who can speak more than one language, but I’m not one of them, and I have many more friends who can’t. I’d really like to learn german and italian, but since I already have a head start in french I expect it would make more sense to refresh that first.

I’ve started at the basics, with primary-level french (even though I barely learnt any french at primary school) and I’m going to work up to secondary-level by using key stage revision notes from the BBC website. I’m hoping this new project has some good rewards.

Souhaite-moi bonne chance!



2 responses to “Je ne parle pas français

  1. I did the two years compulsory French (and one year of Latin) when I was at school but I never took either to O-Level; I was more interested in Music. A part of me regrets that but only a part. On a whim I tried translating a French poem a few weeks back. I picked a short, simple one but finding the right English words was not an easy task by any means. I ended up having to buy a book of the guy’s poetry to find an English translation by an expert and although I’d not done a bad job it was clear just how limited my skills were. I’m too old—and have too many other things that are more important to me—to take learning French seriously now but I hope you have fun and find it useful. It’s only since I’ve been reviewing translations on my blog that I’ve started to realise that it is far from being an exact science; there’s a lot of art involved on the translator’s part too.

    • I think that’s a very nice way of putting it, and thanks. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it provided I manage to keep up with it this time.

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