Back room blitz

I figured it was time to update on here, since this blog’s sister seems to be getting so much attention.

Recently I’ve been very excited by a swell of attention on Writer’s Back Room. I’m glad the blog is gathering fans, because my whole reason for starting it was to help people. So far I’m impressed with the response.

In other news, I was sad to discover that, due to a low turnout, my business seminars have been pushed back till January. In a way I’m sort of glad – I’ve been suffering a bit with my back, and cutting something from my weekly schedule might help me to learn to relax a bit more.

I’ve been using this newly adopted free time (which is now, since I should have been there this evening if the course was still running) playing Xbox 360 games rather half-heartedly and bombarding my partner with text messages – his home county is flooding again, and I’m concerned for his ability to get home. When he does we have plans to play Borderlands together, but in the meantime I decided to still my concerned heart with an update.

So, back to the sister blog. While I am nothing but thrilled that Writer’s Back Room is doing so well, I can’t help having mild concerns about my work now so many people are viewing it, especially since some of those views are coming from places such as Saudi Arabia, Peru, Germany, Hong Kong and the Phillipines. Even when my last blog, with a string of popular reviews and articles, was at its’ peak, I barely got noticed outside the UK and North America. I am getting lots of notice from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia, but even this much is unheard of for me, never mind the more exotic locations.

All I hope it that the people reading my blog posts are writers, and that they are finding the tips useful. I guess that’s all anyone can ask really – the popularity is wonderful, but it’s meaningless when it isn’t effective.


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