New directions

I’m going through another blogaholic phase… But I have good reason.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently. Waaay back in February I posted about watching the film “Julie & Julia” for the first time, and about how that had made me want to find a goal, purpose or direction for my blog, known as The JJ Project. Well, I never forgot about that concept. It does mean that my blog is going to be older than my project, if “project” is the correct word for it, but I’m fine with that. After all, as someone who struggles to keep something as time-consuming as a blog going for more than a few months, let alone the 9 months this one’s clocked up so far (although my record is 10, my last blog being a massive undertaking which I gave up in January last year when I went through some personal issues), having something that outlives my whims is what’s important.

My big indecision, since this is going to be a more professional concept, is whether to combine it into this one (of course changing names and such for the overall sleekness necessary) or give this blog a sister for the new content, with references between the two.

I do like the idea of having a sister blog for neatness sake, but I might just keep it as a dumping ground for the exercises I’m posting, which would make navigation of my work more simple to access for those who need a faster approach. Either way, I need to make my blog(s) slightly more professional.

Which leads me to my next dilemma – the name. I’m always going to be the Irn Bru junkie, the sleepless bookworm, the crazy minded person I’ve always been. And having a URL that reminds me of that will keep my original thoughts strongly embedded in my mind. But it’s time this blog evolved from being more than just a diary.

I’m going to do some thinking, and figure out how I should proceed. When I do, I’ll be back to make some fun changes. Watch this space.


UPDATE: I’ve made a sister site – check it out!


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