Testing the Windows Live Writer

For those of you unfamiliar with the Writer it’s something I downloaded the last time I consented to my Messenger being updated. I was instantly excited by the application’s features, and then forgot it existed. Story of my life! So, in order to take another tentative step in the direction of personality overture, I thought I’d investigate this fascinating programme and see if it helps me keep up with my blogging a little more easily.

So the first plus point of using the Writer is that it’s offline. Sure, to actually post your words so people can read them you need to have a working internet connection. Hell, you need that to download the programme in the first place. But, as someone with an amusingly temperamental internet connection, having an offline programme to work with is greatly useful. I’ve moved my collection of half-written posts, notes and ideas from my WordPress account onto this charming application, which has made the behind-the-scenes part of my blog much neater. Now only the published posts remain, and everything else is on my laptop.

With the rough works in some semblance of organisation, lets examine the more technical features of the Writer. First of all I love the way that, when you use the programme, it lets you write on a layout that matches the way it will look once published. Such a view of the post makes it easier to visualise, and it has made me write in a different way. Matching my paragraphs more closely to the finished product. It looks neater, at least to me.

Next, the categories and tags. I haven’t yet imported anything across, and as such I’m going to leave that part until I’ve uploaded it. I won’t be publishing directly from the programme, but if I chose to it’s clear that I could. Everything’s here to facilitate direct publication. I can change the fonts, insert pictures and videos, and I can even link to more than one blog. Across several accounts if I chose. Which makes organisation even more simple.

However, I do like to pass the post through the website itself before finalising. I don’t need to spell check, as the Writer already has a brilliant Microsoft Word-style system. A few last minute taggings and tweaks, then I can publish.

In a nutshell, I love it!

Thank you for reading,



2 responses to “Testing the Windows Live Writer

  1. I’ve been using Live Writer for years. I probably don’t use like most people though. I write my articles in Word including all my hyperlinks and then I cut and paste into Live Writer, tweak, upload to a test site, tweak again and the cut the code and paste into my public blog. Perhaps a little labour intensive but as I use a lot of blockquotes, bullets and images it pays to be safe. A great tool though.

    • Wow, and I thought I put a lot of time and effort into posting when I used to write film reviews and every second sentence had an IMDB link in it! It is a great tool, and makes things less cluttered. I don’t have as many “web death” panic moments as I used to when I wasn’t using Firefox, as it saves things when my computer randomly shuts down for no reason (a regular occurance), but I prefer having an offline version all the same.

      Thanks for reading and for commenting.

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