Good grief, I hear you cry. Three whole blog posts in 48 hours? Whatever has gotten into her?

Another whim of fancy, to answer your astonishment (not that I believe myself so self-important to think any specific persons notice or are much affected by my frequency of posts).

…”much affected”?! I’m clearly still in Austenland (see previous posts on Austenites and being a blogaholic if you want to understand what the heck I’m on about).

Attention span is lost – its past midnight, this happens.

Aaaaanyway… Kinect! I have one, and it’s not mine but it has been lent for a significant amount of time. I use it for dancing games primarily. But, just now, I caught myself talking to it. Not in a “Xbox play game” way, as the device was intended. Or in a weird way which might see me seeking an axe or drowning my fellow building residents in their showers. No, it was more of a “yes, I’ve moved, don’t panic” sort of phrase, as when I dragged myself sleepily from the sofa it woke up, and relit the backlight of my tv screen to full, un-stand-by brightness as if to say hello.

And I do enjoy this feature. It made me jump a little at first to watch the small black sensor scan me up and down every time the console came on, as if challenging me in my choice to disturb it. And, if my hectic life means I have to leave the room so long the Xbox DOES dim my screen for energy-saving purposes, having the light come on when I return dos sometimes freak me out. I haven’t yet adjusted to a console that knows you’re back in the room. But the overall responsiveness of the Kinect gives the entire Xbox set-up, to me at least, an endearingly adorable air.

Endearing is one of my favourite words. I use it far too often.

But, as someone who used to enjoy naming every console in my possession (partly for the implied personality, mostly so I had something meaningful to shout at it when it broke or crashed), having a bit of character from a games platform such as the Xbox 360 is definitely something that works for me.

And yes, I genuinely did just come back on wordpress for that. I might need to go to blog therapy if this carries on. Or, at the very least, stop making up words!

“Kinemation” – the act of a Kinect sensor giving animation to the mimicking of a personality or “life” to an Xbox 360.

“Blogaholic” – what I’m fast turning into.

And, one which amused me on the phone to my partner earlier…

“Flucky” – because he is both incredibly fluffy and remarkably lucky.

Well, in everything except the lottery and scratch cards, an affliction we both share. Neither of us have ever won a penny on either. Not even a fiver or tenner. I see little point even bothering most of the time… but then, I always was a stickler for chance.

I’m an “Irn Bru junkie” for a reason! When I get hooked on something it’s hard to forget it.



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