Because, once again, I can’t tear myself away!

Primarily today’s activities have consisted of learning to make shepherd’s pie (homely, indeed), devouring the last few chapters of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (sophisticated AND cultured, I thank you!) and dancing to Black Eyed Peas’ songs with the support of my Xbox 360’s recently borrowed Kinect sensor (decidedly less sophisticated, rather more sweaty but most definitely good for me).

As I suspected, Pride and Prejudice was absolutely wonderful. Despite the cultural restraints of her era Elizabeth Bennet is a truly inspiring heronine, so sure of her own convictions as to defend her honour and refuse marriage not once but twice to gentlemen she deemed unsuitable applicants, and no one in ther right senses could suppose it to be folly in want of a greater offer in Mr. Darcy’s case at any rate.

Anyone who knows me can tell when I’ve been reading Jane Austen. Even my verbal style changes – I sound like an estranged poet on the phone, and I can’t resist throwing elegant phrase arrangements and alternative words I wouldn’t usualy think of throughout my writing. I apologise if it makes this post a little insufferable.

In fact, I won’t linger too long in my post at all, only to say I adore Elizabeth, Mr Darcy, and especially Jane! I hope to see other adaptations of the tale which do her character more justice. I am also deciding which book to read next. I might return to Persuasion, or investigate Sense and Sensibility.

One thing’s for sure, I’m definitely going back for another round of Black Eyed Peas before dinner. Anything to avoid doing the chores before tomorrow.



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