Confessions of a sleepless bookworm – a Pratchett homage

Because, once again, it’s fast approaching 1am and I can’t sleep.

I’m an avid reader. Admittedly, I’m also a sporadic reader. I’ve made an account on Goodreads recently to track my reading habits, in particular my Pratchett challenge. I began reading the first of Terry P’s amazing Discworld series when I was about 12, and granted I barely understood it, but I’ve been a huge fan of his ever since reading Carpet People, The Bromeliad Trilogy and The Unadulterated Cat. As such I was crushed when I found out about his Alzheimer’s diagnosis. I vowed to pay my own personal homage to his brilliance and began reading his Discworld books again – only this time in order.

It went well at first – I devoured The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic in days (Rincewind at his very best), and before long I’d racked up at least ten titles. Sadly that was when my local library ran out of his books, and without the funds to buy my own copies it wasn’t until I received a Kindle a while later that I managed to continue.

In hindsight I would have loved to blog on this topic from the beginning, but it didn’t occur to me at the time to do so. And anyway, my Pratchett project is way older than DIBJ. But it’s been a fun ride so far. I reckon I’m going to try blogging my reading habits for a while, see if there’s much of a pattern.

Right now, my habits are lame. I began reading Carpe Jugulum (book 23) exactly two and a half weeks ago, and I’m only 50 pages in. And that was the first night – I haven’t picked up my Kindle since! I don’t even think I know where it is. I did read Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol the other month, so it’s not been an exclusive reading list. I also love reading aloud, and have managed to coax my wonderfully patient man into letting me bend his ear first with Tolkien’s The Hobbit and then with The Lord of the Rings. I know… he’s nuts! But I’m going to let him find this out later, after I’ve read too much for us to accept defeat.

Another habit, although not so lame as not reading for weeks on end, is adding books to my to-read list. Honestly, most of the books I’m adding to this list I’ve read once, and I’m just reminding myself to reinvest in them before I review.

It’s past 1am now, and I’m definitely going to bed. But, after a bit of dancing tomorrow (the subject of a later post) I’m going to make an effort to pick up my wayward reading aid and make some progress on CJ. After all, it’s a witches book! Granny Weatherwax in all her bitter, sarky and downright earthbound epicness! How can I resist a lure like that?



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