Shameless plugging

Because why not? I’ve written an article for my good friend Andy’s blog. It’s not the first time – I wrote him a grand total of four articles in 2009, mostly based on horror games and shooters (see bottom of article for links), but since then I haven’t really written very much. Well, it was nice to get back on the horse, and do a friend a favour in the process.

This time I wrote him an article on Minecraft, because it’s fun to play and Andy said he’d like me to explain why. Naturally I obliged, being as balanced as possible in a review-style exploration of the game and all its quirks. Andy posted it the other day, and if you want to check it out you can find it here.

Big thanks to the lads who agreed to let me use some of their screenshots, and an extra thanks to Rick who proofread the article for me.

Here’s a screen shot of his Minecraft handiwork:

The Weighted Companion Cube by Kronopticon

Because the cake is a lie, the companion cube is your best friend, and everbody should want to go to space.


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