A brief review…

Since it’s now past the halfway point of the year between Januaries I thought it’d be a good idea to check back and see how I’m doing on that whole Resolution thing…

– I will not stay up past midnight except on special occasions…

It’s currently 22 minutes past 2am on a week night… Enough said!

– I will not sleep in past 10, except on mornings after special occasions…

Well, I have early plans tomorrow so this should be a certainty… although, where I’m concerned, I wouldn’t put money on it.

– I will not spend unnecessarily outside my saved funds balance.

Oh hell, that died eons ago! I have a fiver in my ISA purely because, when I went to the bank the other week, the guy told me I’d not put any in this month yet, and I felt bad. I’m hoping to work on that though…

– I will not let myself get wound up so easily.

Hasn’t been as much of an issue temper-wise (I think that’s what I was referring to) but I still get stressed pretty easily.

– I will not worry too much about the future.

I’m set with this now. New start, new home, new relationship, a bunch of opportunities ahead… I’m feeling rather confident with this one.

– I will update my blog regularly, but not obsessively.

It’s been hard to keep up, but I’m beginning to refocus – sticking to an absolute limit of at least once a month seems to work.

– I will be more confident and assertive.

Erm… ask me again in a few months.

– I will read at least one book a week.

Psh… I tried, that’s all I’ll say!

– I will make regular time for blogging, novel and article writing, reading, drawing, playing various games in a “need to complete and potentially review” capacity, exercising, learning guitar, watch shows on viewing list, and other tasks not immediately occurring to mind.

I’m making a new timetable soon – subject of another blog! Watch this space.

And, finally – I will stick to the Weight Watchers points system 5 days a week.

Ha! I gave that up in five minutes! Still, I am aiming to eat better.

So there we have it! Clearly 90% of the promises I made to keep till 2013 were laughable, but it’s interesting to look back and see how priorities change over time. In any case, I’m pleased with where I’m at now. A plus in my book.



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