An update on the loveable homeless junkie

Homeless, I hear you ask? According to the government, although the first I heard of this was when a nurse asked, rather bluntly, during my medical assessment if this was “the first time in my life I’ve been classed as homeless?” Erm… what?

Still, I’m not ashamed or embarrassed by it. These things happen, especially when you make risky choices in life the way I seem to keep doing. Can’t say my life has been uneventful, in any case. Besides, it doesn’t feel that way… because I’ve got my own flat! Yes, as I said I was hoping for in my previous post, I am now in my very own, non-shared, fully furnished flat! True, it’s in an apartment building with some of my hometown’s more colourful characters (of who I am already growing quite fond) and I do have to adhere to a few rules that go with being rehoused by a sheltered accommodation scheme. But I’m happy. Really happy, more than I have been in years. And if I have to be one of the government’s statistics for two years to get there, like I’ve already said, I’m far from ashamed by it.

This post is a short update, which is going to have to be back dated, because I haven’t had internet in my flat for over a month. But I have it now, and a more comprehensive May post will follow in the next few days giving a detailed report about the past few weeks.

Bye for now,



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