The JJ Project

I haven’t had Irn Bru in about 8 days.


Over the past week this is because I’ve not been feeling very well, but before that I was going a couple of days at a time without drinking fizzies. I tried out flavoured water for some of that, but I soon got bored of it, and in any case the whole sweetener thing isn’t the best for your stomach. So now I’m on to Ribena – it’s still quite sugary but, coupled with better eating and more exercise, I have already lost over 8lbs in a week.

As for the poorly feeling – I’m beginning to wonder whether my IBS is kicking of. This could arguably be a result of stress – lets be honest, the end of any relationship is stressful, and co-habiting with your ex post-break-up isn’t exactly simple. My boss, in all her infinite wisdom, believes the nausea that’s been plaguing me since Wednesday morning is a nervous response to the way things are. I don’t exactly disagree, because I know how big an influence external stimuli can be on all aspects of a person. But I know my body pretty well, and whatever the cause I just need to deal with what’s in front of me now.

So… the JJ Project? Stands for Julie/Julia, as in the film Julie & Julia starring Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and the wonderful Stanley Tucci. I’ve just watched the film for the first time, and it made me want to write another blog post, so here I am.

I think it would be nice to find a project, like the one Julie started, and blog about it. Maybe not every day, but in a way that gives this site more purpose and direction than just randomly interjecting thoughts when I feel so inclined.

It’s certainly something to think about, anyway. For me it wouldn’t be cooking – I don’t take enough enjoyment from it. I don’t think it could be dieting and exercising either. That’s something I’d rather make into a lifestyle change than a deadline challenge, and drawing attention to it within my own daily routine would only make it harder to accomplish.

When I’ve figured out what that directive is, I’ll get back to you.



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