Creativity, superstition and censorship…

Okay, what?

I don’t blog often enough, and then when I do I have too much to talk about!

We’ll go for censorship first – apparently “everybody’s talking about” Wikipedia’s little stunt today, and when I logged on here I was amused to find WordPress is doing it too.

I must admit, as a trained journalist it saddens me to think of the world being censored. I mean, sure there’s a limit. I believe everyone has a right to their privacy. Lets be honest, if I was to cheat on my boyfriend sure my friends and family might be a bit distressed, as would his, but the wider world wouldn’t give two hoots. So why is it such a big deal that we care who’s sleeping with who in the celebrity world?

Still, there’s a difference between making news from nothing and stopping newsworthy things being shown. Censorship protects the bad as well as the good. right now there’s nothing to stop me saying what I want online, and yeah some countries might have protocol in place that would stop my words being read (China has a lot of net jurisdiction, for one, and North Korea hardly has electricity) but the higher percentage of the world has access, and I firmly believe that’s a better way to be. I want to know what’s happening outside my bubble, and I don’t want that to be restricted to just what news programmes and television shows deem as interesting.

I definitely wasn’t amused at first when I tried to use Wikipedia to search something and it didn’t work. For that to be a norm would really not suit me, and I am pretty sure I’m not alone.

Okay, on to superstition. The other day, and I mentioned in my last post, was Friday 13th, and we got around to talking about superstition a lot while I was at work. One customer said they, to this day, always saluted magpies when they saw one on its own. Now, this was a new one on me. But it got me thinking.

I know some television shows (such as South Park) and books (like the Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy collection) have suggested that certain animals are more intelligent, in their own way, than humans. We’ve had cows, dolphins, mice… So what if this were true? And what if, following the above train of thought, the behaviour traits we see them displaying are, if not part of some elaborate cover up, something as simple as superstition? Like, a cat MUST meow or the dog will catch it. Sometimes it really does seem like our pets are masters of mind games and emotional blackmail. What if they’re smarter than they let on?

Which brings me neatly onto my last topic, since I have a story in process about a cat and a dog. Yes… very neatly…

I’ve been thinking a lot about my writing lately. I don’t really write my fan-fic anymore, which is sad… I used to really enjoy that. I do sometimes think role-play backgrounds with my World of Warcraft characters, which I may blog about at some point, but it’s not a pressing issue. I think I need to make more time for my creativity, though with me working so many hours right now it’s hard to find the time.

I don’t work all the hours in the world, that’s true. I could “make time” if I wanted. But being creative isn’t the same as washing the dishes or cleaning the carpet. It takes a special kind of time, and most hours of the day just don’t fit the bill. I think that, in part, is why I don’t write as  much as I’d like to. But I really do feel like that period of my life is coming back around again. I just need to prioritise a little better.

So there’s today’s little bit. I’m off to eat cake, drink Irn Bru, watch American Dad and maybe do some writey stuffs.

Much love!



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