My Unlucky Day

So it’s been almost a fortnight since I posted about my New Year’s Resolutions. On this, what’s meant to be the unluckiest day of 2012, how am I getting on with it?

– I will not stay up past midnight except on special occasions…

Well, if every night is a special occasion, I’m doing fiiine with this one! *cough*

– I will not sleep in past 10, except on mornings after special occasions…

See above! Still doing fine… *whistles*

– I will not spend unnecessarily outside my saved funds balance.

The full balance is still in tact, and I may have gone shopping a wee bit, but it was for house things (I’ll explain more about that below). I am also making an effort to cook more and eat out less, though I’ll happily admit there’s room for improvement on that one.

– I will not let myself get wound up so easily.

Hard to tell really. I’m not sure if much has happened to wind me up.

– I will not worry too much about the future.

I feel I am getting better at this one.

– I will update my blog regularly, but not obsessively.

I’m here, aren’t I? Good job, that ma-… er, woman.

– I will be more confident and assertive.

Not been much call for this one to be exercised recently, but again I think there’s definite improvement there.

– I will read at least one book a week.

I’m still devouring Terry Pratchett novels on my Kindle, so this is the biggest win of the list, I think.

– I will make time for… erm, lots of things.

I’m not typing all that out again. I’ve blogged, sort of role played a bit and brainstormed for my fiction writing but hardly written anything down, articles haven’t happened, reading obviously has, and pretty much everything else just went down the toilet.

And, finally – I will stick to the Weight Watchers points system 5 days a week.

No… Just, no.

So, all in all, mostly a fail. But the beginnings of momentum are there.

The past two weeks have been fun and busy. I’ve seen a fair few people I wanted to, birthdays and suchlike. However, I did start getting a bit blue in the time since Christmas, and I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I booked a holiday at the beginnings of February to see if it helped. But, it turns out, I didn’t need to wait that long. This week, in which we find ourselves, was the first week in longer than I remember that I got a Tuesday AND a Thursday off in the same week. Thursdays happen every so often – they are Alex days, when my best friend comes over and we having out for a while. But Tuesdays are rarely free, and I was overjoyed to be off this time.

Why, you ask? I have counselling on Tuesdays, so I leave the town where I live and work to travel a we bit north to a bigger town, with more shops and a cinema. We’re fairly short on cash normally, so I try to only travel when I have to if I can – special events, friends I haven’t seen for a bit too long, and counselling. But when I’m working Tuesdays it means I have to head almost immediately back home on the bus.

This time, however, I didn’t have to rush, so I walked around and bought just a few little things – a funky striped mat for the front door, a matching toothbrush and soap dispenser for the bathroom, and a waterproof mat to stop the cats spreading their food across the kitchen floor. This might not seem like much but, retail therapy be damned, it made a hell of a difference to me. The next day I rearranged the living room on my own because I felt like it!

Still, the momentum of that day is almost certain to fall flat. At work on Wednesday, awaiting my Alex day, I heard that one of the other staff members had unfortunately left without notice. This meant I was asked, rather enthusiastically, to cover. I wasn’t keen on it – covering would leave that retail Tuesday as my only day off all week. But they were in real trouble, and I didn’t have the heart to say no. So I’m now working today, when I was supposed to be off. And I was in yesterday, again when I was supposed to be off. But I’m hoping for a nothing-day next week to recover. Still, all this work time will almost certainly kill my retail-induced buzz. I mean, 2 days in, one day off, five days in… and no certainty that the sixth day will be off? I really hope so, I’ll be shattered otherwise.

Right, that’s all from me. Hope you’re all having a lucky Friday. and I’ll be sure to come back for another update soon.


PS… as soon as I published, I realised it’s 13 minutes past one… 13:13 on Friday the 13th of January which, if you roll over from December, would be month 13… Yipes! That many 13’s HAS to be lucky, I refuse to have a bad day! *winks*

At least it’s not 2013 yet… THAT would really creep me out!


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