New Year’s Resolutions

In the style of a certain Miss Jones…


Stay up past midnight, except on special occasions.

Sleep in past 10, except on mornings after special occasions.

Spend unnecessarily outside my saved funds balance (currently resting at £70 post-Christmas).

Let myself get wound up so easily.

Worry too much about the future – it’ll come, whatever it brings.


Update my blog regularly (but not obsessively).

Be more confident and assertive.

Read at least one book a week.

Make regular time for blogging, novel and article writing, reading, drawing, playing various games in a “need to complete and potentially review” capacity, exercising, learning guitar, watch shows on viewing list, and other tasks not immediately occurring to mind.

Stick to the whole Weight Watchers points system diet for at least 5 days a week.

The end of 2011…

Wasn’t a bad day at all. I was working until half 10 in the evening, got changed in the last few minutes of my shift and then I ran up the road to the house I share with my boyfriend. He was already out with some friends, so all I needed to do was feed the cats and get some things together before heading up to see my family.

Being from Scotland means my family have always made a big deal out of New Year’s Eve. I’ve grown up with very traditional views when it comes to welcoming in the new year, such as making sure the home is tidy, that all disagreements are resolved. Start as you mean to go on sort of thing. With that in mind, I climbed into the taxi wearing sensible shoes, a ridiculous top and socks that didn’t match. Organised chaos – drives my fella mad, that one. But I never have been one for dressing to anybody else’s tastes, whether you can see it or not.

I drank a fair bit in a solid attempt to get more than a little tipsy, but not long after the bells I found myself getting bored. It was one of those days where no matter how hard you try, the drinking just doesn’t hit the spot. I stayed up at my uncle’s for a few hours watching television and then he walked me home at around 4am. I curled up in my PJ’s watching Black Books on the Xbox.

The morning after…

There’s no real hangover, despite how much I drank yesterday. I slept in later than I really should, but I fed the cats as soon as I woke up and I’m still sitting on my PJ’s watching Black Books while writing this. As soon as I’m finished blogging I’ll be happily watching comedy, playing The Sims 2 on my laptop and waiting for my boyfriend to return from his friends’ house so he can have the honour of being my first-day-of-2012 companion.

Oh, and I’ll be drinking Irn Bru. Obviously.



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